Many companies turn to a professional marketing consultant for many different reasons. Some may be so close to the marketing situation, they may just need a fresh set of eyes, yet others may not have the staff or resources available and still some may not the expertise or knowledge to successfully market and promote their products or services. Which ever case it may be, a professional marketing consultant will understand your situation and provide you with a solution to grow your business.

When it comes to finding a marketing consultant, you want to find one who is an expert in the marketing field, one who listens and observes before offering solutions and one who is concerned about the growth of your business, not just their own.

If you’re looking for such a consultant, then look no further. We will sit down with you and review your products and/or services and listen to your marketing goals and needs. Once we establish those goals and needs, we will layout a marketing plan, within your budget, to help you achieve those goals; hence, growing your business.


A professional website helps companies to represent their business online to a wider market and enables them to reach potential customers. A professional business website helps companies to generate leads and to establish a positive image and reputation. This is a powerful marketing tool and building an online presence contributes to business's credibility. A website improves global exposure and gives companies a marketing edge. Nowadays, all leading organizations, corporations and companies have a strong online presence and have managed to expand their reach just by building a strong online presence. Having a business website will reduce the costs of sharing information and will allow a global exposure. Online marketing and a clean professional website have proven to be the best tools in building a positive corporate identity.

Here at Rainmaker Marketing Solutions, we offer effective specialized web design solutions for your business. We provide technical and marketing consultation services and also web market analysis for competitive SEO. We are thorough, and we try to understand your business, goals and aims so we can deliver a professional website according to those needs. We are dedicated to development of an effective design which will increase your sales and maximize your profit. Our team of experts provides innovative solutions which will help you to draw attention to your website thereby improving your visibility. We use a unique approach which includes:

• understanding of the target market
• understanding of your business/services
• understanding of your business goals
• understanding of your business objectives


All forms of advertising and design are a direct reflection of your company’s image. It may even be the first point of contact a prospective customer has with your company. Rainmaker Marketing Solutions can work with you to develop an advertising campaign and/or create that campaign for you. We will help you create professional advertising that is within your company’s budget, consistent with your company’s image and one which produces the desired results. Whichever medium you choose, we have a professional to accommodate your needs.

• Print – newspaper, magazines, billboards, etc.
• Radio
• Television
• Website
• Multimedia


Rest assured our creative team will take the time to learn your needs and offer the best solution to solve them. Whether your message needs to whisper or needs to shout, Rainmaker Marketing Solutions will take your need from concept to solution. We offer a full array of design services. Contact us today to get a free consultation and quote from our marketing professionals.

• Advertising and Promotional Materials

• Magazine and Publication Production
• Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes

• Logos
• Ads, Prints & Posters
• Web Graphics



We can design and produce most types of publications including Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Local and Community Magazines including Event Show Guides and Programs.  Any pagination, any size, any frequency…from design to printing, we should be your natural choice.

We offer comprehensive magazine design, layout and production solutions for the independent publisher in both print as well as digital publications, including E-Books. Our cost-effective publication service provides you with an all-inclusive price before work begins, so budget ahead with confidence.

Today’s PDF technologies allow projects to be completed with ease, at your convenience. In fact we create magazines and E-Book publications, with short turn-around times, for publishers throughout the U.S.


Our comprehensive service includes:


  • Creating and organizing your publication for print or digital submission
  • File preparation including design/page layouts, image manipulation and color-balancing
  •  Overall production - creation of advertisements, creating and sending PDF proofs, digital proofing, creating compliant PDF files for commercial printing, creation of digital publications, overseeing printing and shipping.