Web Design & Development

A professional website helps companies to represent their business online to a wider market and enables them to reach potential customers. A professional business website helps companies to generate leads and to establish a positive image and reputation. This is a powerful marketing tool and building an online presence contributes to business's credibility. A website improves global exposure and gives companies a marketing edge. Nowadays, all leading organizations, corporations and companies have a strong online presence and have managed to expand their reach just by building a strong online presence. Having a business website will reduce the costs of sharing information and will allow a global exposure. Online marketing and a clean professional website have proven to be the best tools in building a positive corporate identity.

Rainmaker Marketing Solutions, LLC offers effective specialized web design solutions for your business. We provide technical and marketing consultation services and also web market analysis for competitive SEO. We are thorough, and we try to understand your business, goals and aims so we can deliver a professional website according to those needs. We are dedicated to development of an effective design which will increase your sales and maximize your profit. Our team of experts provides innovative solutions which will help you to draw attention to your website thereby improving your visibility. We use a unique approach which includes:

• understanding of the target market
• understanding of your business/services
• understanding of your business goals
• understanding of your business objectives

Unlike many web designers, whose only concern is a pretty page, Rainmaker Marketing understands the four major factors of successful web design -design, content, back-end interface and accessibility. The result is a unique service that creates high performance websites that have a true internet presence.

•Website Design
•Web Graphics, Ads & Banners
•Multimedia and Animation Solutions
•Maintenance and Updates
•Web Content Provider
•Search Engine Optimization (ranking on search engines)
•E-Commerce Solutions (web stores)

​Why is Search Engine Optimization Important to my Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Defined
SEO is the practice of increasing search engine rankings for keywords that describe a company's product or service as well as a company's brand name(s). Compared to other online channels, the primary distinction is that SEO is focused on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. As online marketing matures, the lines between search, social media and other channels are blurring, but at Thunder SEO, when we speak of SEO, we primarily are referencing search engines.


Keyword Research
All SEO campaigns start with keyword research. This tells us not only what keywords people search for, but also the number of searches as well as the change in search volume. Our keyword research includes the "long tail," which enables us to target not only the high-traffic terms, but also the niche terms that may have lower search volumes but typically result in a more targeted prospect. While keyword research used to focus primarily on quantity, we now take into account the new and changing ways that people search, such as Google recommended searches, related search terms and local search results. All of these have a definite impact on behavior in regard to how people search. All our keyword research starts with a "keyword map" that then becomes the "internal linking map" which becomes the master record for which keyword groups point to which pages. This is used in both internal and inbound linking.


On Page Optimization
Pages titles, description tags, headers, keyword density...these all used to have noticeable impact on a page's rankings. Now it's less about getting the right number of keywords on a page, and more about making sure a website has well-organized content, clear linking structure and indexable content. We start every client with a full SEO review of their website, looking at on-page elements and code. Depending on the client and website program, we make the on-page changes ourselves or provide a list of our recommendations.


Campaign Strategy
Every campaign starts with defining the primary goal. This might be new leads, brand extension or capturing lost prospects and sales. We then evaluate how the online strategy integrates and/or supports our client's overall marketing strategy. This process typically involves the coordination of multiple groups including marketing, sales and operations. Given the increasingly important role of online marketing, we find it is crucial to bring all interests together as soon as possible. Out of this process comes a strategy that drives the SEO, website, content and blog, online messaging, social media and other online channels.