Rainmaker Marketing Solutions, LLC is a local Wyoming company that provides first-rate marketing consultation and solutions for small businesses and non-profit organizations.  We realize that small business is important to Wyoming and the surrounding areas.  That is why we are here:  To support and implement marketing strategies for our local businesses, enabling them to grow and prosper. 

“Because Small Companies need Big Results"


Marketing provides value to businesses, as well as to consumers.  It brings money and sales to businesses while satisfying the needs of its consumers.  In order for a company to sustain a long and profitable business it must implement the marketing process of identifying, analyzing, researching, pricing, promoting, distributing, and most importantly, collecting feedback for re-analyzing the process.  By following this marketing process, a company can successfully meet the needs of their consumers.


Besides delivering branding opportunities, content to readers, and leads for advertisers, print advertising is also an amazing online traffic generator. In fact, research shows print advertising is the number one driver of online traffic. It’s like buying keywords, only better!

Rainmaker Marketing has produced everything from magazines and brochures to e-books and digital publications. Our complete publishing services allow clients the scalability to accommodate virtually any need.